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Friday, November 13, 2015

Two of my favorite things combined

It's no secret I capital L-O-V-E love Tory Burch. Sure, there are other designers whose pieces I own, and there are certainly some ultra-luxury pieces out there I'd love to sling over my shoulder (ahem, this Herm├ęs Victoria II bag in fire orange). 

But Tory Burch is my girl. Her pieces are timeless, chic, elegant, savvy, yet eternally classic

It's also no secret that I'm a nerd! A mathematical stats nerd, at that. So when I came across this (somewhat dated) article about Tory's analytics-driven client engagement strategies, I was in heaven. 

The author hits the nail on the head -- Tory is amazing at identifying her client base, engaging them through multiple platforms, and adapting to their continuous feedback. Which, to me, are hallmarks of a successful business plan. I also really loved reading some of the stats!!

Tory, if you ever read this, please consider me for a position on your analytics team! I'm highly qualified academically, and I wear at least one piece of yours quite literally every day. Please and thank you!

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