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Friday, November 6, 2015

Inaugural post

Good morning, bloglettes! I'm up early getting important stuff done procrastinating. How about you guys? 

*sips much needed coffee*

So, I had had the best of intentions to start blogging immediately upon creating my Blogger page back in September .... But, life happens! There are still loads of geeky and girly posts I'll need to catch up on once I've got time, but I wanted to go ahead and make my inaugural post.

It's Friday, but I'm taking a vacation day from work to go run the Savannah Rock-n-Roll Marathon tomorrow! 26.2 miles of sheer joy! Or achy legs. Same diff. 

I'll make a post about the marathon after I'm back home, but for now I'm super duper excited and running on adrenaline and a heavy dose of caffeine!! I've done six half marathons and countless 5Ks, but this is going to be my first full marathon.

Wish me luck!!

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