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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Random early morning musings

So, I'm up at the crack of dawn (got up at 3:30, to be precise) because I have to catch an early flight for a business trip. So here I am, shockingly feeling wide awake, taking a few minutes to eat my breakfast and blog before I finish packing.

My alarm initially went off at 3 o'clock, but I hit snooze until 3:30, when I finally made myself go on a super early (or is that still middle of the night?) run since the rest of my day will be packed doing businessy business things. 

It honestly wasn't that I was just so sleepy that I needed another half hour of sleep. It wasn't that I wasn't excited to go on my run. It wasn't that I didn't have a number of other things to do, fun or otherwise. I just felt like doing nothing.

And, I often have to remind myself, that's perfectly OK sometimes! I'm guilty of trying to be Super Woman a lot of the time, trying to do everything. So I do admit that sometimes we have to just let ourselves sit there and do nothing.

But I think there's a big difference between doing nothing as a means of mental/physical recuperation, and doing nothing because we're afraid to take that first step to achieve goals we have in life. (Because what if we fail, or what if it's hard?!)

And I think I have been guilty of that second kind of inactivity lately, when it comes to writing. I'm really diligent about other important things in my life, like running and work and relationships, but when it comes to writing, I think I'm just so scared of failure that I find excuses not to do it.

Of course, the fact that I'm sitting here spending time writing this blog about not writing is a bit ironic, don't you agree? But anyway, I've told myself that I shall bring my favorite composition notebook with me on the business trip so that I can make myself actually do some writing on the plane. 

Because, just think of what could have been written in that half hour of non-needed nothingness this morning. Just think of the life that new characters could be gaining in the time that I waste playing Words With Friends on my phone. Just think of the possibilities!

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